Is RuneScape Botting Dead?

You pretty much see this question quite a lot if you’re active on various RuneScape Market/Botting forums.

Why do people frequently ask this question? Simply because botting on RuneScape(both on OSRS and EOC) nowadays is significantly riskier and harder compared to botting in the past couple of years.


Probably at around 2015, you could literally bot on multiple accounts on days end without even getting a temporary ban. Well unfortunately, things have definitely changed.


The problem here is that the entry-level on goldfarming just got significantly higher. Newer goldfarmers start out their farm then get their farm wiped in probably less than a day or a few days, depending on their method, hence making most of them quit almost immediately due to the lost funds, without even making back the their money.


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RuneScape botting in general is a cat and mouse game. While Jagex’s anti-botting system improves, botters, goldfarmers, and client developers also must improve their methods and systems to beat Jagex’s system.


To answer the question: No. RuneScape botting(and goldfarming) is definitely not dead. As long as money can be made through RuneScape goldfarming, there will always be goldfarmers.


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