Is RuneScape Botting Dead?


Is RuneScape Botting Dead?

You pretty much see this question quite a lot if you’re active on various RuneScape markets and botting forums.

Why do people frequently ask this question? Simply because botting and goldfarming on RuneScape(both on OSRS and RS3) nowadays is significantly riskier and harder compared to botting and goldfarming in the past couple of years.

Probably at around 2015, you could literally bot on multiple accounts on days end without even getting a temporary ban. Well unfortunately, things have definitely changed.

The problem right now is that the entry-level to goldfarming just got significantly higher. Newer goldfarmers start out their farm then get their farm wiped in probably less than a day or a few days, depending on their method, hence making most of them quit almost immediately due to the lost funds, without even making back the their money. This occurrence is very common among beginners, as shown by the complaints in most botting forums.


RuneScape botting in general is a cat and mouse game. While Jagex’s anti-botting system improves, botters, goldfarmers, and client developers also must improve their methods and systems to beat Jagex’s system.


To answer the topic question: No. RuneScape botting and botting is definitely not dead. As long as money can be made through RuneScape goldfarming, there will always be goldfarmers, and I really don’t see this ending real soon. RuneScape botting and goldfarming will probably die if and only if RuneScape itself dies.

Want to learn how to bot and start your own RuneScape goldfarm? Head over to the article below.

RuneScape Botter’s Dictionary

Anti-ban – a script feature that usually adds some “human-like” movements or behaviors to the bot that is said to prevent or decrease chances of bans. (E.g. taking the mouse cursor offscreen when idle, checking of WC exp )

Banwave – a large scale of account banning at a certain date or time; is said to occur usually on or before game updates.

Bitcoin(BTC) – A form of digital currency that is also commonly used by botters/gold farmers; Usually used for trading RSGP/gold with untrusted people, due to a possibility of people abusing PayPal’s chargeback feature.

Breaks – a common feature of RuneScape bot clients that lets your bot logout for a certain period after a certain amount of time.

Chainban – A ban that is said to occur on accounts that are on the same IP. [Read more: Part IV: Proxies and VPNs]

Delay ban – A certain postponement of time before banning your account/s; Is Jagex’s way of making the botter have a harder time in determining on what activity caused the account ban.

Flag/Flagged – A term usually  affiliated with accounts and proxies; A term used to describe an account or proxy that is being closely watched by Jagex.

Mule – an account whereas a botter or gold farmer stores items and or gold.

PayPal(PP) – is an online payment system that botters/gold farmers commonly use.

Proxy – used to ‘mask’ your IP; to prevent Jagex from associating your bots with each other. [Read more: Part IV: Proxies and VPNs]

Premium script – scripts that you need to pay for to have access to a certain script.

Private script – a script that only one or a few people have access to.

Proggie – a sort of progress report mostly in an image format that displays the number of hours a bot is running, and the gold or exp gained/attained.

Public script – scripts that are publicly available to all users.

RWT – Real World Trading; trading of in-game money for in real life(irl) money.

Suicide botting – a way of botting whereas you just run your accounts 24/7 since you don’t care if they get banned or not, as long as you transfer your wealth before the ban. [Read more: Part II: Ways of botting]

VIP – a subscription feature on most RuneScape botting clients that enables the user to run multiple clients.

VPN – Achieves the same goal with proxies; but A Virtual Private Network or VPN will route ALL your traffic through the VPN server, including programs and applications. Whereas a Proxy is usually used for individual applications and programs, commonly used on web browsers. [Read more: Part IV: Proxies and VPNs]

VPS – is sort of like a computer or server that you can control remotely; is commonly used to be able to run more bots without sacrificing your home computer’s CPU and memory. [Read more: Part V: Virtual Private Servers]

Weath – Jagex’s anti-botting specialist. [Link to Weath’s Twitter]

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Part III: RuneScape Botting Methods

Hi guyz I’m poor can sum1 tell me your secret moneymaknig method? tnx

Now’s the time to get put your thinking caps on and get creative.

When you are playing RuneScape now or back in the good ol’ days, what were your money making methods?

Are the requirements of those methods easy to attain?
Is the method good for suicide botting or long-term botting?
Will it not take four decades to get those requirements?
Will it not cost an arm and a leg for a private script?

Some characteristics of a good farming method:

  • has low stat requirements
  • easy or no quest requirements
  • item processed/collected has a stable and price
  • preferably has little to no people on the area
  • safeness (possible deaths due to monsters or pkers)

If you we’re expecting me to give you some good moneymaking methods for your bots, my apologies. Unfortunately, you have to decide on this on your own. No one with a successful farm will be willing to tell you their secret methods. Tell me, if you found a great method whereas there is little to no requirements and you can gain 400k-500k/hr per account. Would you publicly tell people your method? I sure damn wouldn’t, as I’d definitely wouldn’t want any competitors whatsoever that could potentially decrease my potential profit.

Can’t decide? Below is a small list from

Collecting methods







Picking potatoes 13,000 None Collecting Unknown
Free-to-play icon
Collecting ashes 16,000 30 Firemaking icon Collecting Unknown
Free-to-play icon
Collecting buckets of sand 18,000

50 Construction icon
40 Magic icon recommended

Collecting Unknown
Member icon
Collecting swamp tar from the Lady Zay 31,000 None Collecting Unknown
Member icon
Collecting red spiders’ eggs 38,000

Decent Multicombat and Defence icon recommended
25 Prayer icon recommended for Protect Item

Collecting Unknown
Member icon

Yes, most of the methods on that page are indeed very bad. But they just might help you gain ideas. Also, if you haven’t realized by now, the main goal of this post is not to give you moneymaking methods, but to give you an idea on what to look for when thinking of a moneymaking method. If you really cant think of methods or if you really just can’t remember the moneymaking methods you’ve used in the past, go take your time and roam around RuneScape. Simply roaming around RuneScape might help you discover or remember stuff you’ve did in the past.

P.S. If you’re planning on paying a scripter to make a private script(which is a very very good idea), also take into consideration the difficulty of the method. Something like Zulrah would take alot of time to code, hence will have a drastically higher price. You probably wouldn’t want that if you’re just starting out in the goldfarming world. I heavily suggest starting out with something simple.

Part II: Ways of Botting on RuneScape

There are multiple ways of botting and goldfarming on RuneScape, with each having their own pros and cons. Here’s a short and sweet guide on what the ways of botting are, including their pros and cons to help you decide.

Suicide botting suicide botting

A way of botting whereas you just run your accounts 24/7 since you don’t care if they get banned or not, as long as you transfer your wealth before the ban. This type of botting is used mostly on methods that has low requirements and also commonly used on Free to play (F2P) accounts since you wouldn’t need to pay for bonds or membership.


  • low risk
  • no need to pay for bonds/membership


  • usually has significantly lower profit compared to P2P methods
  • usually needs a significant amount of bots to be worth doing
  • F2P moneymaking areas are mostly very crowded

Long-term botting


 A way of botting whereas the botter only bots his or her accounts only a couple of hours per day (usually under 8 hours) as to prevent the botter’s account to get banned immediately.

Unlike in suicide botting, long-term botting is usually used for mid to high requirement moneymaking methods ranging from methods like blue dragons up to methods like zulrah. Obviously you wouldn’t want your accounts with high-level stats to get banned in a few days, hence you minimize your botting durations as much as possible.


  • Significantly higher potential profit
  • You can make significant amounts of money just with a few accounts


  • High risk in general
  • Usually needs accounts with good skill levels depending on your method
  • You could potentially lose high-valued items if your accounts gets banned, depending on your method

Account Farming

A subcategory of long-term botting, whereas the botter doesn’t farm for gold, but for the account’s stats, and then sold on various RuneScape botting forums or RuneScape account shops. Account farmers are a small minority in the botting world, but that doesn’t mean it’s not profitable.

Usually, accounts that are ‘farmed’, are accounts that has stats fit for monster killing like green dragons, skeletal wyverns, zulrah, and for high-level skilling like hunting chinchompas and crafting nature runes.


  • Accounts are usually easy to sell, but hugely depends on price and stats
  • Could be done in F2P
  • Can be sold for high prices


  • High risk, depending on required gold to reach certain stats
  • Could be a waste of time if your bots gets banned after botting them for weeks


If you’re planning on botting or making your own goldfarm, you must be thinking right now: “What way of botting should I do?

Well, that’s completely up to you, you noob.

You prefer high risk high reward? Go with long term botting. You prefer low risk low reward? Go with suicide botting. The choice is up to you. We suggest testing things out. You probably won’t be making money immediately at the start of your botting journey, just like most of the beginners in the RuneScape botting and goldfarming world. You lost 20m to bans? Suck it up and test some more until you find a good pattern/method.

Part VI: How To Prevent Bans When Botting

Are your accounts getting banned too quickly? Or are you just looking for tips to prevent bans? Here are some tips for you.

NOTE: Most of these tips only apply when botting long-term, whereas you want your bots to survive as long as possible, for potentially higher profit.

Botting immediately after tutorial island


Botting immediately after tutorial island hugely increases your chances of getting banned
immediately. We suggest that you play on the account legitimately for a few minutes to a few hours before running a script to make Jagex’s ban detection software think that you’re a legitimate player and to decrease suspicion.

Botting tutorial island

“Most bots don’t get off tutorial island.”
– Mod Mat Kbottingtips - tutorial island

If you want your accounts to last longer, do tutorial island legitimately. Chances are, botting tutorial island might get your account into Jagex’s watchlist just a few moments after you run your script. Tutorial island only takes only a bit more than 5 minutes so this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re doing long-term botting.

Botting on bot-infested areas

bottingtips - blast furnace

Don’t bot on places or methods whereas there are alot of botters. A good example for this is the blast furnace. Yes, the cash there is good, but there are too much bots in that location, which is most likely targeted by Jagex already. We suggest that you be creative and think of your own moneymaking method.


Legitimate players don’t play for dozens of hours without taking breaks (except if you’re Mr. Nosleep). Use the break handler features on most available botting clients (if you’re not doing suicide botting). The break time patterns are up to you to decide.

Proxy Usage

bottingtips - proxies and VPNs

We can’t stress this enough. Unless you want all your bots to get wiped on one go or unless you want your legitimate accounts to get involved in ban/RWT detection, USE PRIVATE PROXIES. The last thing you want is to be traced by Jagex.

They help a lot when trying to make your bots survive as long as possible. Fortunately for you, we have that topic covered.

> Part IV: Proxies & VPNs for RuneScape Botting

Free Scripts?300x300xno-free-pagespeed-ic_-vhi-wgdxkb-2

Yes. Free scripts can work, but using free scripts can get you banned alot faster compared to using a premium script or private script, simply due to free scripts having alot more bots using the exact same patterns that the script uses. Purchasing premium scripts or private scripts can help your bots get banned noticeably longer.

Bot using P2P accounts

Yes, a bond might cost quite a bit. But in our experience, we think that botting using P2P accounts is a lot more worth it since we think P2P accounts last alot longer than F2P accounts in terms of ban detection.

Switch things up

You are more likely to get banned if you bot one method straight. We suggest that you mix up your methods instead of botting one method for hours on end. Why? Simply because most legitimate players don’t mine iron ores for 15 hours straight. (e.g. Woodcut for 2 hours, then mine for an hour, etc etc.)

Also, switching methods may help your bots dodge Jagex’s bot detection due to your patterns being changed up.

Again, take breaks

Once again, legitimate players don’t usually play 24/7. Takes random days off. Go on days where you just play and do a quest or two or just chat with people on Edgeville.

Personally, I take breaks only for like once or twice a week. Just to avoid suspicion.

Random usernames & player outfit

Your display name probably wouldn’t affect the way the anti-bot system detects bots, but you are more likely to get reported when you use usernames like “Dragon632653” or “Monkey263263”.

While you’re at it, we  think that you’re also more likely to get reported when you have the default “Bob” player skin/outfit.

Take note that this is only mostly applicable if you’re planning on using your bots for longer periods. Having a not-so-obvious username and player outfit might not matter that much when doing suicide botting.

Mirror Mode / Looking Glass

Pic source: Maxi | osbot

Using OSBot’s Mirror mode or Tribot’s Looking glass features may help your accounts last longer. The reason is that you can bot using the official client or the osbuddy client, instead of using tribot’s and osbot’s clients.

This may help since Jagex claims that they can detect what runescape client the players are using.

We don’t have any proof that Looking Glass and Mirror Mode helps, but due to some user’s experience, most claim that they help quite a bit.

NOTE: Mirror Mode or Looking Glass uses more CPU and RAM.

Part V: Virtual Private Servers For RuneScape Botting


First off, before some of you get confused, a VPS is different from a VPN. They are 2 very different things that are always misunderstood by people in the RuneScape botting/goldfarming world.

A Virtual Private Server or “VPS” is sort of like a computer that you can rent online and control remotely.

If you’re like most of us, whereas you don’t like your home computer running 24/7 for multiple reasons, then a VPS is definitely for you.

Advantages of using a VPS:

  • You don’t need your home computer to be on 24/7.
  • You prevent the risk of your computer breaking simply because running lots of bots use high amounts of power and can cause your computer hardware to wear out easily.
  • Almost 100% uptime. Even internet problems or power outages won’t stop your bot accounts from running.
  • No electricity costs.
  • Control your bots pretty much everywhere as long as you have decent internet connection.

Disadvantages of using a VPS:

  • Can be quite pricey depending on the VPS service provider
  • Might be quite difficult to set up depending on your VPS provider

Where can I buy a VPS?

There are so many websites to rent a VPS from, but VPSGamers is our top pick for a VPS specifically for RuneScape botting/goldfarming.

We earn a small commission for every sales made through these links; this helps keep our site up.

Why should I buy a VPS through VPSGamers?

You can rent pre-installed and ready-to-use RuneScape VPSs from VPSGamers, meaning you won’t be needing to install anything else. You can bot immediately after receiving your VPS’s login credentials. This is hugely advantageous if you have no idea on how to setup and install operating systems.

When renting out a VPS through other VPS providers, you would need to install literally everything yourself; starting from the Linux operating system, to the required proprietary device drivers, to the programs themselves, etc, which can definitely be quite difficult if you don’t have knowledge in setting up servers. We suggest just renting out from them, to prevent all the potential hassle and headaches.

Pros of VPSGamers:

  • You don’t need any prior knowledge on how to configure servers
  • The VPS is using a Linux operating system, but is made to look and feel like a Windows machine
  • Java and RuneScape botting clients are pre-installed
  • You can use it almost immediately after purchasing a plan

Cons of VPSGamers:

  • Slightly more expensive compared to other VPS providers, but you need to set up everything yourself with other VPS providers.

Part IV: Proxies & VPNs for RuneScape Botting



A proxy or a VPN is commonly used to hide your home IP address. When you view a website using a proxy or a VPN, instead of the website seeing your home IP address, they see the proxy or the VPN’s IP address instead. Hence, giving you a sufficient layer of anonymity.


Sometimes, a proxy or a VPN is also used when a certain website you want to view is blocked in your country. (e.g. Google, Facebook, and YouTube being blocked in China). Basically, proxies and VPNs are used for multiple reasons depending on the person.

We are pretty much using the same purpose for our benefit in RuneScape botting or goldfarming. Proxies & VPNs help you so that Jagex can’t detect your home IP, because I’m pretty sure that’s not something that you’d like to happen. The last thing you would want is a chain ban, whereas your accounts that has logged in on your home IP will be linked, then possibly banned all together when one of those accounts get caught.


NOTE: A Virtual Private Network or VPN will route ALL your traffic through the VPN server, including programs and applications. Whereas a proxy is usually only used for individual applications and programs, commonly used on web browsers.

Should I buy a proxy or a VPN?

It completely depends on your intentions.

Buy a proxy if you’re planning on botting multiple accounts. Since you wouldn’t like all your bots to have one single IP address, which may lead to a chain ban on all or most of your accounts.

Buy a VPN if you’re only planning on botting one or two accounts and if you’re fine with your computer having a different IP address. Your computer having a different IP may potentially cause slower internet speeds(depending on the VPN provider), and it may potentially block you from certain sites.

Which proxy service should I buy?
Luckily, we got these covered for you. All you need to do is choose from our list below. Feel free to visit each site and compare the prices since prices may vary depending on how many proxies you’re planning on buying. Best of luck.

We earn a small commission for every sales made through these links; this helps keep our site up.