Part IV: Proxies & VPNs for RuneScape Botting



A proxy or a VPN is commonly used to hide your home IP address. When you view a website using a proxy or a VPN, instead of the website seeing your home IP address, they see the proxy or the VPN’s IP address instead. Hence, giving you a sufficient layer of anonymity.


Sometimes, a proxy or a VPN is also used when a certain website you want to view is blocked in your country. (e.g. Google, Facebook, and YouTube being blocked in China). Basically, proxies and VPNs are used for multiple reasons depending on the person.

We are pretty much using the same purpose for our benefit in RuneScape botting or goldfarming. Proxies & VPNs help you so that Jagex can’t detect your home IP, because I’m pretty sure that’s not something that you’d like to happen. The last thing you would want is a chain ban, whereas your accounts that has logged in on your home IP will be linked, then possibly banned all together when one of those accounts get caught.


NOTE: A Virtual Private Network or VPN will route ALL your traffic through the VPN server, including programs and applications. Whereas a proxy is usually only used for individual applications and programs, commonly used on web browsers.

Should I buy a proxy or a VPN?

It completely depends on your intentions.

Buy a proxy if you’re planning on botting multiple accounts. Since you wouldn’t like all your bots to have one single IP address, which may lead to a chain ban on all or most of your accounts.

Buy a VPN if you’re only planning on botting one or two accounts and if you’re fine with your computer having a different IP address. Your computer having a different IP may potentially cause slower internet speeds(depending on the VPN provider), and it may potentially block you from certain sites.

Which proxy service should I buy?
Luckily, we got these covered for you. All you need to do is choose from our list below. Feel free to visit each site and compare the prices since prices may vary depending on how many proxies you’re planning on buying. Best of luck.

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