RuneScape Botter’s Dictionary

Anti-ban – a script feature that usually adds some “human-like” movements or behaviors to the bot that is said to prevent or decrease chances of bans. (E.g. taking the mouse cursor offscreen when idle, checking of WC exp )

Banwave – a large scale of account banning at a certain date or time; is said to occur usually on or before game updates.

Bitcoin(BTC) – A form of digital currency that is also commonly used by botters/gold farmers; Usually used for trading RSGP/gold with untrusted people, due to a possibility of people abusing PayPal’s chargeback feature.

Breaks – a common feature of RuneScape bot clients that lets your bot logout for a certain period after a certain amount of time.

Chainban – A ban that is said to occur on accounts that are on the same IP. [Read more: Part IV: Proxies and VPNs]

Delay ban – A certain postponement of time before banning your account/s; Is Jagex’s way of making the botter have a harder time in determining on what activity caused the account ban.

Flag/Flagged – A term usually  affiliated with accounts and proxies; A term used to describe an account or proxy that is being closely watched by Jagex.

Mule – an account whereas a botter or gold farmer stores items and or gold.

PayPal(PP) – is an online payment system that botters/gold farmers commonly use.



Proxy – used to ‘mask’ your IP; to prevent Jagex from associating your bots with each other. [Read more: Part IV: Proxies and VPNs]

Premium script – scripts that you need to pay for to have access to a certain script.

Private script – a script that only one or a few people have access to.

Proggie – a sort of progress report mostly in an image format that displays the number of hours a bot is running, and the gold or exp gained/attained.

Public script – scripts that are publicly available to all users.

RWT – Real World Trading; trading of in-game money for in real life(irl) money.

Suicide botting – a way of botting whereas you just run your accounts 24/7 since you don’t care if they get banned or not, as long as you transfer your wealth before the ban. [Read more: Part II: Ways of botting]

VIP – a subscription feature on most RuneScape botting clients that enables the user to run multiple clients.

VPN – Achieves the same goal with proxies; but A Virtual Private Network or VPN will route ALL your traffic through the VPN server, including programs and applications. Whereas a Proxy is usually used for individual applications and programs, commonly used on web browsers. [Read more: Part IV: Proxies and VPNs]

VPS – is sort of like a computer or server that you can control remotely; is commonly used to be able to run more bots without sacrificing your home computer’s CPU and memory. [Read more: Part V: Virtual Private Servers]

Weath – Jagex’s anti-botting specialist. [Link to Weath’s Twitter]


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