Part V: Virtual Private Servers For RuneScape Botting


First off, before some of you get confused, a VPS is different from a VPN. They are 2 very different things that are always misunderstood by people in the RuneScape botting/goldfarming world.

A Virtual Private Server or “VPS” is sort of like a computer that you can rent online and control remotely.

If you’re like most of us, whereas you don’t like your home computer running 24/7 for multiple reasons, then a VPS is definitely for you.

Advantages of using a VPS:

  • You don’t need your home computer to be on 24/7.
  • You prevent the risk of your computer breaking simply because running lots of bots use high amounts of power and can cause your computer hardware to wear out easily.
  • Almost 100% uptime. Even internet problems or power outages won’t stop your bot accounts from running.
  • No electricity costs.
  • Control your bots pretty much everywhere as long as you have decent internet connection.

Disadvantages of using a VPS:

  • Can be quite pricey depending on the VPS service provider
  • Might be quite difficult to set up depending on your VPS provider

Where can I buy a VPS?

There are so many websites to rent a VPS from, but VPSGamers is our top pick for a VPS specifically for RuneScape botting/goldfarming.

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Why should I buy a VPS through VPSGamers?

You can rent pre-installed and ready-to-use RuneScape VPSs from VPSGamers, meaning you won’t be needing to install anything else. You can bot immediately after receiving your VPS’s login credentials. This is hugely advantageous if you have no idea on how to setup and install operating systems.

When renting out a VPS through other VPS providers, you would need to install literally everything yourself; starting from the Linux operating system, to the required proprietary device drivers, to the programs themselves, etc, which can definitely be quite difficult if you don’t have knowledge in setting up servers. We suggest just renting out from them, to prevent all the potential hassle and headaches.

Pros of VPSGamers:

  • You don’t need any prior knowledge on how to configure servers
  • The VPS is using a Linux operating system, but is made to look and feel like a Windows machine
  • Java and RuneScape botting clients are pre-installed
  • You can use it almost immediately after purchasing a plan

Cons of VPSGamers:

  • Slightly more expensive compared to other VPS providers, but you need to set up everything yourself with other VPS providers.
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